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1 BOK GS LEAGUE on Fri Jun 14, 2013 4:52 pm




This league is for the noob players of Fly For Fun (BOK Server). We want players to gain fame and game items as easy as winning the League
againts the noobs. League is every Sunday at 8PM GMT+8 (Ph Time).

Rules & Regulations

~ Only one player per guild is allowed to join.
~ Registration will be open every Monday.
~ Non registered players in official forum thread should not register in Guild Siege ingame during the event. 
~ We'll start as soon as my countdown ends. (We won't wait for VIPs.)
~ Defender should be the one playing the siege.
~ All items are allowed and usable during the event.
~ Alliancing is allowed since there will only be one player who will win every bracket/division.
~ Every bracket/division should compose of 10 players (10 guilds) to be registered as one bracket.
~ MVP will be declared as the WINNER.

Violating rules in this color can cause disqualification.
Violating rules in this color can cause ban/freeze.

How to register?


Default Prizes every week.

BGSL Fashion (7 days)
BGSL Pick-Up Pet (7 days)
BGSL Wing Cloak (Permanent, Tradable)
BGSL Champion!!! (Title)

1st Runner-Up 
BGSL Wing Cloak (Permanent, Untradable)

BGSL Pick-Up Pet (7 days)

If you want to add rules please reply here. I'll review and implement it if reasonable.

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2 Re: BOK GS LEAGUE on Fri Jun 14, 2013 5:27 pm

No High Jump :3


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