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Jayson Gicaraya

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1 Jayson Gicaraya on Fri Jul 05, 2013 7:53 am

Real Name/Character Name:  Jayson Gicaraya :Jayz Gicaraya in FB : IGN: Winter/Roronoa/Kurochan

Age/Date of Birth: 23yrs old ...Nov.1,1989

Country: Philippines

What do you know about being a staff: i know a lot of gm codes/commands .. and a flyff staff is the one who helps the server to keep on getting better.. helping players and co-staff.. making events for the players so they wont get bored while playing ...

How do you think you can handle disrespectful players?: Patience, warning for disrespectful players and if they keep on disrespectfuling the staff ill give the right penalty like mute for an hour? freezed but i wont just do that.. ofcourse ill handle it first through conversation with them and ask what are they pissed off with or why are they doing it..

Play time: i ussually play 15-20 hrs can ask my friends and other players about it ..bok flyff is the only game im playing right now xD.. so im full time with it ...but im not online at 4am-7am thats my pc's rest time xD

-i can do event monday to friday 8am - 10am  and 4pm- 6pm and 1am-3am for the Foreign players that has different time..
-saturday and sunday i can do all day event but if it is allowed i can balance the time xD

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2 Re: Jayson Gicaraya on Tue Jul 16, 2013 2:22 pm


Hired as test gm.

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