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Just Some Crazy ideas :D

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1 Just Some Crazy ideas :D on Sat Aug 10, 2013 2:01 pm

1. Bunny-Rabbit Season Event!!

Discription: It's similar to what we call "Kill the GM Event" but this time instead of GMs running and waiting for them to be killed, we will have strong volunteers who would want to dress up as a Panda Bunny and run around arena trying to survive as much as he can.
All players that come in arena are eligable to join. Who ever kills the Rabbits gets the prizes!

2. Catch that Squirrel!!
Participants are to be teleported to a large area in order to make this game more fun.
This game is basically a tagging game, in which a person (The SQUIRREL) would be chased by the participants (The DOGS)
The SQUIRREL is marked to be unique and easily spotted
In order to "Catch" the squirrel, the dogs should kill the squirrel. But, they should do this in a certain time limit.
But, if the squirrel manages to kill a dog, it's game over for the dog!
The game ends when:
1. The Squirrel kills off the dogs
2. The Squirrel lasts more than 5 minutes
3. The Dogs manage to kill the Squirrel

3. Escort
-GM is surrounded by an escort of players, and they try to make it to the other side of the arena. Another kill team is stationed in the arena and try to stop them. IF they can kill the GM they get a point. If the GM survives to the end, they get a point. the GM keeps track of the points per player. Each time the GM crosses or is killed, the teams are shuffled to keep it interesting. first 3 players to 5 points win.

4. Dragon Hunt Event
-GM spawns a dragon (or int his case, idk, a cannibal mammoth) somewhere in Madrigal, and every 5 minutes he gives a new hint to where he is. First one to kill the mob wins, 3 winners.

PS: I'd appreciate it if you also suggest on how the games should be played. I'm willing to receive ANY feedback Very Happy

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