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GM Application SeeYouAround

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1 GM Application SeeYouAround on Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:04 pm

Hello BokFlyffers,

I know this isn't the right section, but i want to apply myself as a gm. Why? because i can help this server alot!

What can i do to help the server?
- I can develop a bit (source and resource) ( a bit! )
- I can Create custom items & textures like custom cs set colors etc
- I can be graphic very good. I can modify the full client, make backgrounds and introduction video's etc
- I can change the forum to perfection! this isn't realy good yet, so i can make it perfect Smile
- I can make the website graphicaly comeplete. ^^
Who am i? - I am Marvin And i am from The Netherlands
Why am i here? - I saw your server posted on gtop100 and i thought let's try to be helpfull and make the server grow to a perfect server! ^^

Where am i from? - I am From The Netherlands (GMT + 1)
How many times i can be online? - I can be online everyday all day.
What am i for kind of person? - I am friendly, but i can be mean if you're mean to me. Most of the day's almost everyday i am happy ^^ and yea, i like to help people again and again!
What language can i speak? - Dutch(Netherlands) A little bit of german, i can understand but not typ Razz ) Belgium ofcourse and english very good ^^

If you wanna know something more about me, just ask ^^



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